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10 Week on-line course

Your complete 10 week step-by-step course to help you create your own Soul Based Business while also helping you grow confidence and a strong mindset in order to achieve your goals and keep succeeding along your entrepreneurial journey long after this course finishes.

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Kathryn Sheehan
Kathryn Sheehan

My journey of self development started about 11 years ago. I'd always had this urge inside that there was more to life than the boring old 9-5 and living life on repeat like a broken record.

I have been coaching woman on clarity, confidence and mindset for 2 years now - from all over the world, all walks of life, all different backgrounds, and I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that this is what I was born to do! I know that there are so many woman out there who want to start their own soul-based business but haven't the faintest idea about where to start.

The SOULBIZ STARTER is the answer to all of those questions. It's the startup course that will teach you the fundamentals you need to build a strong business platform and grow & succeed from there - not only in business but personally too.

If you are ready to take action and create the life you truly want, then lets get started!

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